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Seth is now a Certified Passive House Designer.

Seth White is now a Certified Passive House Designer after successfully passing the Passive House Institute final exam. 🎉🎉🎉

What is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus is a performance-based set of design criteria for low-energy buildings, which can help create buildings that use around 90% less energy than standard UK buildings.

Passivhaus design seeks to eliminate the need for space heating and cooling. This is based on the principle of reducing heating loss to a minimum which is the most cost-effective and most robust way of achieving a low carbon building.

Some of the key features of a Passivhaus are listed below:

- Compact building forms

- Highly insulated building fabric

- Energy efficient windows and doors

- Minimal thermal bridging

- Airtight building fabric

- Low energy demands

- Optimisation of passive solar gain

- Heat recovery from ventilation exhaust air

As a practice we are committed to designing energy-efficient buildings. The Passivhaus course has been extremely useful and we look forward to implementing these principles in our projects going forward.


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