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Seth White Architects offer a full range of Architectural services that will help manage your project from initial consultation through to completion as listed below.

As a Chartered Practice we follow the 2020 RIBA Plan Of Work.

RIBA stages diagram.jpg

Initial consultation
RIBA Workstage 0_Strategic definition

Stage 0.png

The initial consultation is FREE of charge. We will look to develop the brief to ensure that all your requirements are included. A fee proposal will then be issued highlighting the services provided for your approval and once agreed we are formally appointed work can commence.

Building Survey.jpg
Stage 1.png

RIBA Workstage 1 _ Preparation & Briefing

We typically start by surveying the property and arrange for the necessary measurements to be taken to produce the existing drawings.

This work can also be outsourced depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

Feasibility/ Concept design
RIBA Workstages 2_ Concept designs

Stage 2.png

We will analyse the site and building(s) to develop a series of proposals on how we might achieve your requirements.

It is likely there will be various ways this can be achieved and each option can be explained with the pro's and con's, before moving on to an agreed design.

20006_External perspective view.png

Planning application
RIBA Workstage 3_ Spatial coordination

Stage 3.png

Once we have established an agreed scheme design we can submit a planning application to the Local Authority for approval. We are able to advise on the planning process and act as the Agent for the application. We are also able to assist with any other consents required, e.g. Party Walls agreements

Building Regulations/Tender

RIBA Workstage 4 - Detailed Design

Stage 4.png

Typically we will produce detailed drawings and specifications/ schedule of works following receipt of the planning consent. 

The packages will be in accordance with building regulations to cover the technical aspects of the building works. This also enables the project to be tendered to trusted contractors and allows the proposed works to be accurately priced.

21017_95 Stanley Avenue section 2.png

Contract administration
RIBA Workstage 5_ Construction

Stage 5.png

We will monitor and manage all aspects of the construction process to ensure the Contractor completes the works in accordance with the tender documents and all the necessary certificates are issued upon completion.

Project timeline


The diagram below indicates a typical programme for RIBA workstages 0-5 that we would expect on an individual dwelling project. This will vary from project to project however we would normally allow 40 weeks from the initial consultation to tender returns. 

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